Our role

Appointed by the client to to oversee the building project management of the delivery process from inception to completion. Our initial activity involved selecting a suitable architect and QS to complete the professional team.

We chose suitable alternatives for each role, sourcing competitive quotations from both possible teams. Chapman Workhouse was subsequently appointed as architects and Bollingbrook as QS.

Project details

The construction project management was an office fit out for the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). The Building located at 9 Kingsway had been refurbished to a Category A standard by UK and European Land.

GGGI agreed to take a letting on the 6th floor to accommodate their London staff. The anticipated accommodation needed was a fit out for 24 workspaces in a total area of approximately 3,700 sq ft.

The project design was completed in November and December 2013 and a tender enquiry pack prepared. The project was later cancelled by the client for internal reasons.


  • Project Budget: – £150,000
  • 3,700 sq ft of office accommodation
  • Move was planned for February 2014


Ashfold was appointed in October 2013