The new normal

Aside from some fun and games with technology, this week’s catch up is all together more ponderous. As we slowly start to emerge from lockdown, Martin is wondering what the long term effects of the pandemic will bring. We keep hearing about “the new normal” but what will that look like for future generations?  

Home of the future

In this week’s catch up, Martin looks at the conversation surrounding the future of housing design following an article in the Telegraph that suggests the current pandemic might mean the era of open plan living is over. This article is behind a paywall, but well worth a read if you’re able.     You can […]

Back in the office

Martin is back in the office. While looking forward to resuming a more ‘normal’ way of working, he is also reflecting on projects from his pre-Ashfold days – in particular the Al Ain Oasis masterplan, undertaken during his time with Stanhope. The intention of the masterplan was to preserve the Al Ain Oasis and to […]

Design for outdoor living

While contemplating the current need for open spaces, Martin looks back at projects he worked on while at Stanhope and discovers that the lessons learned over a decade ago are still relevant today.   The projects mentioned in this clip are the Paternoster Square redevelopment and a new headquarters for L&Q, known as East Thames […]

Reviewing legacy projects

Over the last month we’ve been looking to the future of the industry, discussing the role technology and innovative construction techniques will have in a post-pandemic world. Today, in a change of pace, we’re taking a look back at past projects. In the early nineties, while working with Ove Arup & Partners in California, Martin […]

Adapting project management techniques

Ashfold has been adapting project management techniques with cutting edge practices and innovative methods. In our latest update video, we discuss the new technology and innovation that is helping control construction schemes with offsite manufacture during the Covid-19 crisis.   Modulous, the offsite company we mention, are a team of designers, engineers and technologists building […]

Corporate Social Responsibility in changing times

In a recent piece we wrote for the NLA, we noted that while the COVID-19 outbreak has prompted a variety of responses from businesses in architecture and real estate, would those responses lead to a difference in the success of the businesses and will we see long-term change as a result? Read the full article […]

Green shoots of recovery

This week in our regular COVID-19 update, we’re beginning to see the green shoots of recovery. Watch our latest video below:  

Working locally: a COVID-19 update

Watch our latest COVID-19 update below  

An update on COVID-19

A quick update on how we have been getting on at Ashfold Management Services, how we are handling the challenges of the current crisis and how we’re planning for the future.